The Death of the Author & it’s new function: MindGrid System

November 25, 2018   | Starts 3pm

The Death of the Author & his new function
Join us in an open discussion and a brief introduction of the MindGrid system by Y-photography and Joanne Atarah.

3pm, free entry

Every word is already an existence of past theories, ideas and connotational meanings. According to Roland Barthes, the author is non-existent as his creation is always a combination of multifaceted previous thoughts, interpretations or creation. A hub of pre-information. In that sense, we’d like to invite you for a little exploration of our systemized-ideas tool for social analysis related to your life aims and inner drives, called MindGrid. Our conscious mind provides elements of social interaction on a daily basis, but are they synchronized with what we are actually aiming for? Aren’t these our drives instead leading us into another direction?

About the authors:

Y-photography, a social scientist with a solid international background in the media industry is collaborating with Joanne Atarah, scriptwriter and congitive behaviour analyst.


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