Poetry Night: Word Spoken (Open recitals) – Thu 15th Sept, 8pm

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The idea of complementing other creative activities with inspiration from the potency of the spoken word, in many ways, completes the artistic spectrum at Muxima.
The evening shall serve as a literary stage, open to the masses, with a view of reciting/reading words, compositions and/or quotations that are original, or perhaps, from your favourite writer/poet, past and present.
We hope to stimulate the senses and find common ground, through the enduring power of speech and freedom of expression.
Finding a connection or voice through rhythm, humour, and tone, we invite willing participants to contribute by putting forward a poem/choice of words that they wish to be shared.
It shall be interspersed with cameo and guest appearances from other artists in their own right.
Poetry, they say, makes it a bit easier to live Life…so do join us and spread the message!

Cameo and guest performances welcome

Thu 15th Sept, 8pm


618 Roman Rd
E3 2RW

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CLOSED until further notice due to CoVid-19

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