Muxima Screens: Short Films – Sun 6th Nov, 6pm

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Muxima Screens is back on the first Sunday of the month. Each month we will be screening an art documentary as a part of laid back Sunday’s.

Join us on Sunday 6th November at 6pm for a series of short films from 4 Directors.

Among those will be ‘Death of a pet’ by Clare MacDonald: A couple try to protect their young son with unintentionally disastrous consequences…

and ‘Teleport’ by Tera Pechmannova: A story about the cleaner, who found a strange object she never saw before. Walk in and get stuck there. When he finally gets out, it is not who he once was.

Stay tuned for details of the other films.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a film with us…


618 Roman Rd
E3 2RW

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CLOSED until further notice due to CoVid-19

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