Giraffe Sessions: Domenico Angarano – Long Story Short

March 30, 2018   | Starts 8pm

Domenico Angarano is a travelling Neapolitan musician and composer based in London, that focuses on folk and classical music traditions from all over the world. In Long story short Southern Italian folk songs meet Indian rhythms, creating a unique blend that includes moments of free improvisation and strong melodies. This concert is an intimate pre-release sharing of Domenico’s new album, Long Story Short, any feedback will be very much appreciated!

Voice : Angela Luzi
Percussions : Camilo Tirado
Baritone and soprano sax : Tamar Osborne
Guitar : Vincenzo Lamagna
Bass : Domenico Angarano

Photo © Andrea Mazzella:


618 Roman Rd
E3 2RW

Opening Hours

CLOSED until further notice due to CoVid-19

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