Colombian Indigenous Films, 22nd May

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indigenous columbian films

Sunday 22nd May, 6pm

Carrying on from the celebrations of Birbeck Arts Week we present an evening two films from the festival of Colombian filmmaking, introduced by their organiser Agata Lulkowska.

Nabusímake: Memories of Independence dir: Amado Villafaña
In a very personal journey film-maker Amado Villafaña and his children re-discover the tragic history of their ancestors. This short and moving film is a commemoration of traditional values and the indigenous perseverance.

Sey Arimaku: the Other Darkness dir: Pablo Mora
A reflection on long-lasting collaborations between Colombian documentary filmmaker and anthropologist, Pablo Mora, and the Director of Centre of Communications Zhigoneshi, Amado Villafaña. This is an eye-opening intercultural conversation about the nature of photography.

Birkbeck Arts Week (16-20 May) is Birkbeck College’s annual celebration of the arts – a week of lectures, tours, readings, films and performances. To find out more about Birkbeck Arts Week visit: Birkbeck Arts Week

Photo © Agata Lulkowska


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