Come/Click to See curated by Rebecca Douglass

March 13, 2020   | Starts 8pm

As the population descends into gadget-mania, the art world is becoming evermore digitalised. Online spaces morph into identical replicas of institutionalised galleries/theatres/concert halls. Instagram offers you the chance to curate your own gallery without stepping foot into the real space, and netflix turns every couch-potato into the programmer of a film festival. And so the question arises; Why go to see art in person when the duplicate can be googled from the comfort of your sofa? CURATORS SAY NO. From airports to swimming pools, street corners to shipping containers, the migration of curators out of galleries and into unexpected spaces is becoming ever more obvious. The ‘space’ we see and experience art is now a necessary selling point, the crowd pleaser, the memory-maker. Rebecca Douglass curates an evening of multidisciplinary artwork in COME/CLICK TO SEE, an opportunity for young artists to present their work in both a physical and online presence, supported by Muxima as part of her Negotiated Project at London Contemporary Dance School.



I am currently a third year student at London Contemporary Dance School, and my interests have turned towards the wider cultural world thanks to the ever progressive dance landscape in London. Growing up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the vibrancy of the city has always been a huge inspiration. Collecting thoughts, memories and new found passions from the wide variety of people that populate spaces like the city has also inspired this project. Whilst thinking about the future world that I want to graduate into, the multidisciplinary was an obvious starting point; how can we integrate artists, and make them more incredibly rounded beings; how can we facilitate collaboration instead of segregation? Within this, there is a strong belief that sustainability should be at the heart of all future creative ventures, the concept of recycling and requeering spaces for curation seemed to make sense as a point of study for a Negotiated Project. Finally, as a passionate and active feminist, I am excited to be a part of the International Woman’s Month at Muxima, and I’m hoping to continue producing work that celebrates the feminist legacy and future. 


Margherita Giuliodori, Zak Harry, Alex Henderson, Tasha Hess-Neustadt, Thea Kallhed-Möller, Niamh Keeling, Saskia Larcombe, Rylee Lynch, Ella Sophoclides.

Ensemble performance improvisation is more like writing or composing than freely exploring.  It is definite and sure in whatever it is. If what it is is unknowable, it knows exactly what flavor, colour, and texture of unknowability it is.  From this starting point we depart in infinite directions. A collective of individuals, colleagues, friends, our task is to make something together.  In our ensemble, each individual’s responsibility to the collective is important – to be present, to be ready, to propose, to make space, to support, to juxtapose.  The practice is also anti-individualist: I accept the role that reveals itself to me, I empty myself of me to pull from the infinite sources around me and within me, and through me, through the group, we allow something to become what it is. WE ❤ IMPROVISING TOGETHER!  We have no idea what you’re going to see tonight, all we can promise is things will happen.


Poetry is often thought of as the briefest form of writing. Paradoxically, I write poetry because everything else is too brief. I write to document; to regale, or to suppose entirely. Sometimes, it is to unpack feelings I have felt as a queer female. I explore these experiences and, in doing so, create an experience for the reader which I hope is more universal. I hope they, like me, enjoy weird words and strange images that somehow express gaps. In the gaps and in the strangeness presented you find discomfort and you recognise pain. Here’s the crux of it: if that’s poetry, then that’s life.


IG: catherineevans

As an artist, I plan to document the hope, the loss, the pain, the triumph, the indifference. The form of art I am most interested and captivated by is photography. There is nothing like capturing what may seemingly be perceived as a superfluous moment and translating it into a single photograph. Photography is a way to express individuality, to generate a sense of creativity and self-acceptance. We all feel; every small part of us feels. I found my therapy, my ability to ‘feel’, through creativity. It is my job as an artist to share my voice and inspire, and through this, to give others a voice and a means to ‘feel’ as well. I create because I was created. We all, as our purest and most genuine selves, are works of art.



My work is autobiographical, it relates to a time, a place, a feeling.  

Figures of dysmorphia, minimalist flowers and villains from pink panther.

I intend for this work to feel personal. 

The layers beneath a surface, can pinpoint a time of tragedy but the only remanence are 11 foreign heads. 

Each figure represents the idea of privacy, but they may stare back.


I’m Grace, a 21 year old filmmaker living in South East London. I have always had a passion for documentaries and a motivation for telling stories of people that need to have their voice heard! My background is in documentary researching and producing content that tells real stories of exceptional personalities, and I especially love telling the stories of those who identify as a woman. My background in film has also led me to direct music videos for up and coming artists in London, using art direction to bring complex ideas to life and to emphasise my creativity. Women are becoming such a driving force in the creative industry and I am proud to be a part of it.


IG: tommykhosla

Tommy Khosla is a musician and dance student currently studying at LCDS. Having studied a variety of musical traditions from around the world as well as electronic music production, he now works as a freelance composer and live musician predominantly working in dance and other inter-disciplinary practices.


During a pit stop on a long and desperate musical conquest, South London based DJ Jake Burgess takes you on a journey through the suburbs of electronic music. 

Influenced by both the isolation of his hometown in rural wales, and the relentless nature of the city, this live set will explore a timeline of feelings and rhythmic interpretations of the absurd environments in which we dwell. 

Expect nods to ambient techno, acid, synthwave and electro.


This event is produced in collaboration with London Contemporary Dance School, The Place, part of the final year negotiated projects.


618 Roman Rd
E3 2RW

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CLOSED until further notice due to CoVid-19

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