Art Opening: Poetic Forms by Bob Dawson, Mark Jones & Roscoe Thomson

November 2, 2018   | Starts 7pm

Art Opening: Poetic Forms by Bob Dawson, Mark Jones, Roscoe Thomson + live music by Terrence O’Flaherty

part of Photomonth East London

Launch Night: Friday 2nd November 7pm, live music from 8pm
Exhibition runs: 2nd -30th November

Based on the theme Poetic Thoughts, the images on show range from the abstract to the figurative. While some of the work uses close up photography to abstract beauty from the ordinary, other images depict figures set in a strange mythological environment.

“The value of a picture is not proportionate to the trouble and expense it costs to obtain it, but to the poetry that it contains.” – P H Emerson.

Roscoe Thomson is a Glasgow based artist specialising in traditional black and white photography. He is influenced by the Japanese magazine Provoke; a 60s Japanese school drawn to images that are described as ‘are, bure, bokeh’ which roughly translates as ‘grainy, blurry and out of focus’. His themes are those of people and place along with memory and boundaries. Using traditional analogue materials his work comes to life in the darkroom where film and paper are pushed to their limits.

Mark Jones naming his project as “Poetic Vandalism” Mark Jones explored the brutalist architecture of Glasgow University which is gradually being demolished in favour of modern soulless boxes. Using one film triple exposed through three separate cameras he explored the campus from three viewpoints. Firstly he used low angles to ‘flatter’ the buildings and emphasis the architect’s vision. Secondly to indicate decay; drawing attention to impermanence and and inevitable entropy. Finally, to the local disenfranchised “neds”; unable to attend the university education facilities, they use the grounds to hang out, leaving their discarded “Buckie” bottles and graffiti.

Bob Dawson’s photography is influenced by his painting background. For the Poetic Thoughts project he has chosen to show images that include: Stone outcrops from the west of Ireland that appear cosmic like floating in water. Images from Languedoc show kite surfers in dance like postures floating with clouds. Gothic like images from an old disused military hospital in Berlin are both quietly attractive and haunting…

Terence O’Flaherty is a traditional Irish singer/songwriter and musician from Co Clare on the west coast of Ireland (guitar, bouzouki). He spent many years involved in the trad music scene in London playing at all the main pub and
concert venues. Terence has gigged with all the leading Irish musicians and has also worked abroad with musicians from a variety of other genres.


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