Art Opening: Four Seasons – Thurs 18th Jan, 8pm

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Four Seasons
A new art exhibition by Roma (Romene) Kacinskaite

“Everything begins as it ends. The circle of life, the trees sprout, bloom, fall, bare all and start again. A dream in which you grow old gives you more time than you thought when you wake up, a bit like Alice”

Everything that is surreal in your life gets rid of the notion of normality in the – “Real World’

We only perceive what we want as ‘real’ and ‘normal’ and therefore we put ourselves in the position to judge others and ourselves – we are allowed to object to the surreal and normality. If you succumb to the normality can you then get lost in the surrealness of a dreamloke story or will the normality take hold? We all analyse ourselves and we all felt we have something important to say. Whether we are in the real world or not.


618 Roman Rd
E3 2RW

Opening Hours

CLOSED until further notice due to CoVid-19

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