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Giraffe Sessions: Domenico Angarano – Long Story Short – Fri 30th Mar, 8pm

Domenico Angarano is a travelling Neapolitan musician and composer based in London, that focuses on folk and classical music traditions from all over the world. In Long story short Southern Italian folk songs meet Indian rhythms, creating a unique blend that includes moments of free improvisation and strong melodies. This concert is an intimate pre-release […]

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Art Opening: PayWall – 9th Mar, 8pm

PayWall a new exhibition by Joseph P Kelly Joseph P Kelly is a comic book artist and screen printer whose first graphic novel was released in 2017. Titled PayWall, the book depicts a small city near the coast in the North of England as its inhabitants find themselves in a global race for survival as […]

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Movie Night: La Toille – Tues 6th Mar 7pm

Join us for the first session of La Toile! Our private evening screenings of independent and world films. For the launch we have chosen Mathieu Kassovitz’s masterpiece « La Haine ». This early 90s black and white French film about social ills depicts 24 hoursin the lives of three young men in the Parisian suburbs […]

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