Our evening menu is available every day except Monday. See our opening times.
    • Bar Snacks

    • Dry roasted mixed nuts

    • Olives


      garlic, chili & lemon

    • House Nachos (v)


      served with guacamole & salsa

    • Afro Tapas

      African inspired tapas with a Muxima Twist

    • Deep Courgette (v)


      deep fried courgette with spicey dressing

    • Roast Okra (v)


      served with spicy alioli

    • Cassava Bravas (v)


      Fried cassava, plantain and sweet potato, served with spicy aioli

    • Roast Ripe Plantain (v)


      served with wilted greens, hot pepper sauce

    • Chorizo Cider


      Semi-cured chorizo, red onion and cider stock, with brown sourdough toast

    • Chicken Satay


      served with chili peanut sauce

    • Mix Rissois


      mix rissois de camera (prawn), atun (tuna), bringela (aubergine)

    • Burgers

      served with bravas & salad

    • Stuffed Mushroom (v)


      stuffed portobello mushroom, cheddar cheese, confit onion served with bravas & salad

    • Crispy Falafel (v)


      crispy falafel, confit onion served with bravas & salad

    • Buttermilk Chicken


      with tomato chutney, served with bravas & salad

    • Morcilla & Chorizo


      Spanish morcilla, chorizo, cheddar cheese, confit onion served with bravas & salad

    • Angolan Dishes

    • Calulu


      dried fish, okra, spinach

    • Molho de Galinha de Muamba


      chicken in peanut sauce served with fufu

    • Feijoada


      mix bean stew with lamb, chorizo & morcilla, served with steamed rice

    • Frango (chicken) or Klango de caril (v)


      curried mandioca, plantain, sweet potato served with rice


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Opening Hours

Mon – Wed –  9-6pm
Fri – 8am – Midnight
Sat 10am – 12 Midnight
Sun 10am – 6pm

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